About Us

Quinta da Líria is a small breeder of the Portuguese Estrela Mountain Dog.
We are located in Portugal, very close to the Estrela Mountain Range, (30 mn away), in the centre of Portugal.
I have always loved animals and specially dogs, and as far I can remember, I have always loved them.
Some years ago we moved from Lisbon to the country and in 1993 we bought our first Estrela. I simply fell in love for this breed...
The responsible was Reno de Vila Aradas a long-haired male. He showed us just how marvellous breed the Estrela is!
It wasn't until we got our female Kika da Quinta da Cerdeira that my dream of getting my own breeding started.
I read every thing, I went to shows, talked with more experienced people and all the time I devote to my Estrelas and I spend with them I learn something new everyday.

I strive to raise puppies that are healthy, sound are correct in conformation and temperament. I take all measures to ensure that our dogs are healthy and free of genetic defects. Due to our selective breeding, our puppies inherit the best qualities from their parents.

A beautiful puppy is wonderful to look at, but a healthy, happy, well socialized puppy is wonderful to live with: our puppies are raised as a part of our family, they are happy and well socialized.

I am dedicated to finding loving homes for our puppies and I love to keep in touch with our puppy buyers and encourage you to keep us informed how things are going with your new pup.

All our dogs are family dogs, members of our family, with lots of space to run free and play, having a sheltered place (the kennel and other places...) where they protect themselves, especially from the sun, as they prefer cold temperatures.

  • The dogs are kept in good sanitary conditions.
  • They are properly dewormed and vaccinated.
  • All the dogs are registered and all the puppies are registered when they are born with the Portuguese Kennel Club (FCI member)
  • We control the breeding dogs health, specially with regard to those pathologies more common in the breed.
  • We feed our dogs with premium dog-food.
  • I assume a life-long compromise with my puppies and their owners.